poolife® 2023A

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Limit one rebate per consumer transaction. Each transaction receipt must show all products purchased at one time from a retail store. Online purchases not eligible for promotion. Not valid with any other offer. Send original dated sales receipt showing store name and location with a purchase price of the Poolife® products referenced above circled and this form to appropriate address indicated above. Products must be purchased by May 31,2023, and submissions postmarked no later than June 15,2023. Handwritten receipts will not be accepted. Sales tax does not count toward total spend. Allow 8-10 weeks for processing, incomplete claim forms will not be valid. Void where prohibited by law. Cash value $0.001. Poolife® Exclusive Pool Care Collection is a registered trademark of Innovative Water Care, LLC or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

*OFFER EXCLUDES: Poolife® Alkalinity Plus 25lb, Poolife® Bromine Advance 25lb & 50lb, Poolife® pH Minus 25 lb, Poolife® pH Plus 25lb

All transactions must be on 1 receipt. Multiple receipts will not be accepted.